Office365 Tips & Tricks for using Excel

Office365 Tips and Tricks for using Excel

Takeaways from live workshop held on October 15, 2019 (Presented by Martin Heck, TJ Tremblay)

Session Overview: Framed within the context of the larger Office365 environment, this general workshop will focus on giving Mines Staff some tangible tips, tricks, and skills to better use Microsoft Excel at work. The session will highlight content on 3 specific SkillSoft Percipio tutorials so attendees may leave with online resources directly tied to the material covered in class.
Highlights include:
+See how to retrieve, combine and separate data
+Automate and simplify calculations
+Share your documents via email or upload them to OneDrive to collaborate with your team.
+Stay in the loop with document comments, and the version history and track changes tools.
+Discover absolute and relative cell references, using data across multiple worksheets, and formula auditing


Sample File: 



Links to SkillSoft Percipio tutorials:

Excel 2019 for Windows: Sharing & Collaborating on a Document$100653:_ss_cca:ds_msex2019_07_enus

Excel 2019: Finding & Analyzing Information with Formulas$112799:_ss_cca:ds_msex2019_19_enus

Excel 2019: Referencing Data$111497:_ss_cca:ds_msex2019_11_enus


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