PC - Install Microsoft Defender ATP on a Personal Windows Machine

Installation of Windows Defender ATP

First, navigate to download.mines.edu/MicrosoftDefender and download the "Install Script" file. Then, follow the steps below.

  1. Find the file in your Downloads Folder and right click on the file to “Run as administrator”


  1. If you see this message below select “More info”


  1. Then select “Run anyway”


  1. Select “Run”

  1. You will see a terminal window open. Press “y” and “enter” on the keyboard.

  1. The script should run as below and when finished will ask you to press a key to finish. Note: If you see an error about administrator privileges. Restart these instructions and make sure you start as administrator as in Step 1.


  1. Restart your machine and now Windows Defender ATP has been updated on your machine.



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