Labby: Lab Remote Desktop Instructions

When you have completed your remote session, be sure to log out of the remote computer.
Do not quit by closing the Remote Desktop program.

1.  Connect to the Mines Network. 

To remotely connect to the "Labby" site and to lab computers on the Mines campus, you must be connected directly to the Mines network.  To connect to the Mines network, you must first be connected with remote access (VPN).

If you have yet to configure remote access on your computer, please refer to these Knowledge Base articles:

Remote Access Instructions | ChromeOS VPN


2.  Find an Available Lab Computer with Labby


Once connected to the Mines network, you will be able to navigate to Labby with your web browser.

The Labby home page includes links to the Mines Lab Software Catalog and to various labs across campus. 

If your coursework requires specific software, please review the Lab Software Selections.

Once you've identified which building you wish to use, the page will display all the different available labs and the status of each computer in the lab.

Each computer will have a different status.

Look for lab computers with this status!
In Use
This indicates the lab computer is currently in use.

Only connect to a machine with this status if you were previously disconnected from it.
This indicates this lab computer is unavailable for use.  You cannot connect to this computer.

3.  Connecting to a Lab Computer

Once you have selected the computer to access, this display box will appear. 

Download the RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol) file.

ChromeOS instructions are located below the MacOS instructions.
Windows Instructions
After downloading with the browser, the RDP file should display like this:
Select "Open with | Remote Desktop Connection (default)"
On the Remote Desktop Connection prompt, select "Connect"


In the Windows Security screen, select “More Choices” > “Use a Different Account

Enter your ADIT Username and Password in the form of “ADIT\username” without quotes marks.

Select "OK"

Wait for connection to be established.

If experiencing issue with opening the RDP file, Click Here
MacOS Instructions

 Install Microsoft Remote Desktop | MacOS

After downloading with the browser, the RDP file should display like this:
Select "Open with | Microsoft Remote Desktop"

Enter your ADIT Username and Password in the form of “ADIT\username” without quotes marks.

Select "Continue"

Wait for connection to be established.

ChromeOS Instructions
After downloading with the browser, select the RDP file you downloaded from Labby.

If prompted, allow Window Remote Desktop permissions to device files.

If prompted with a certificate can't be verified message, select "Connect"

Wait for connection to be established.

4. Using the Lab Computer

Once you have logged in, you will see the lab computer's desktop. 

Pro tip: Note the hostname that you are connected to, which is located in blue bar at the top of the screen.

If disconnected, you will remain logged into to the remote PC, but with a disconnected status.

If you know/remember the host name, you can reconnect to the same lab computer to continue your work.


Note the blue bar on the top of the desktop will indicate that you have successfully logged in.


For windowed mode press the middle button on the right side of the blue bar

5. Logging Out / Disconnecting a Lab Session

Do NOT end your session by closing the RDP program or shutting off the computer you're using to remote into the lab!
By not ending your session properly, Labby will continue to notify other users the lab computer is "In Use" and could lead to possible loss of locally saved files.

To properly end your session, sign out by selecting the "Start Menu" > "User" (Top left icon) > "Sign out"

Remote Desktop will close automatically on Sign Out.


Remote Desktop will close automatically on Sign Out.

6. FAQ's | Potential Use Scenarios

  • Local devices will work. These local devices will display and can be used as if you were at that computer. 
  • The Z drive is accessible during the RDP session.
  • The Copy/Paste functionality works across both computers. 
  • Be sure to "Print to PDF."

  • Audio and video from the computer work, the audio is played back as audio from the remote desktop application.

Scenario 1:  Two people try to log in at the same time

Whoever is logged on is given 30 seconds to reject the RDP request, at which point they are disconnected from their session.

Programs and windows that are open, stay open until the user signs out, CLOSING THE SESSION DOES NOT CLOSE PROGRAMS OR OPEN WINDOWS.

Scenario 2:  Three people try to connect to a lab computer

Whoever is the 3rd person trying to connect during an RDP request will see an error that states all of the sessions are currently in use.  This only occurs when a third user attempts to connect, while a current RDP request is in process.

7. Alternate Method for Opening RDP Links on Windows Machines

If you have trouble using the RDP links, you can connect to the workstation manually.

Open the Start Menu and type "RDP" or “Remote Desktop Connection”

Open the "Remote Desktop Connection" program.

Type the name of desired campus computer
(Room Building and Number – Computer Number)
See for campus labs

Example: MZ022-05


Select ‘Connect’

Type ADIT username and password.  "ADIT\username"


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