Separation Notice

Responsibilities of the Department:

  • Submit the Resignation or Retirement Notification Letter/email
  • Include the mailing address on the Separation Notice.
  • Promptly submit employee’s last Monthly Leave Report no later than 3 days prior the separation effective date.
  • Return the One Card to the MAPS office.
  • Obtain keys, magnetic access cards, and computer equipment/property belonging to School.
  • Direct employee to transfer essential computer files and software to appropriate user and delete personal files.
  • Direct the employee to clean out any laboratory or chemical storage areas and contact Environmental Health and Safety for removal of hazardous waste or excess chemicals.

For preserving or transferring employee data: ITS Computing Account Termination Service

Responsibilities of the Employee:

  • Contact the Benefits Office concerning continuation of benefits, 303-273-3052.
  • Contact the MAPS Office to settle outstanding fines, loans, travel advances, or other accounts receivable.
  • Contact Research Services to make sure research project deliverables have all been finalized and sent to sponsor; deficits in budgets have been zeroed out.
  • Notify Research Services of In-Progress Research/Proposals going with you or assigned to a new CSM PI
  • Leave your bank account open for last paycheck deposit. If you would prefer to receive your last pay as a written check, contact Payroll and fill out a “request to mail check form”.
  • Record and submit all monthly leave usage via the web employee vac/sick leave system.
  • If employee is responsible for a lab, schedule a clean out with Environmental Health & Safety.
  • Remove all personal items.
  • Return all material on loan from the Library


To notify the administrative offices of upcoming employee separation. Separation notices are to be submitted by the employees supervisor or department HR liaison as soon as a Letter of Resignation or Retirement is received and must be submitted before an employee's last day or as soon as the supervisor learns of the separation.

Area Roles:

• ITS will schedule the departing employees access to end based on their last day of employment
o Additional option: Requests for access to be transferred to the supervisor or for employees moving to a non-remunerated role after the employees end date should be submitted under
• MAPS will ensure OneCards are deactivated, Chrome River accounts are reconciled, payroll calendars are submitted, and address information is correct for any tax statements or final paychecks
• HR will schedule an exit interview

Submit Separation Notice


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