Submit "Voucher Request" for Processing

What is it?

This service allows for the submission of a completed Voucher Request (VR) that you need to submit for payment and or approval processing.

A Voucher Reimbursement Request (VR) is used to document non-travel expenses paid out of pocket and request reimbursement for individuals, not in the Chrome River system, this can be non-employees, undergraduate students and more.

Who can use it?

Mines affiliated individuals without Chrome River access and non-Mines affiliated individuals.

Where to get it?

Download the editable "Voucher Request" Form and attach it via the "Request Service" button.  Alternatively, you may complete the online form via the "Request Service" button.

How to use it?

Complete this Voucher Request Short Form


The form can be submitted by selecting the "Request Service" button and complete all the necessary prompts and submit.

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