MAPS Travel FAQ's | Will my travel be reimbursed if it was cancelled due to Coronavirus?

FAQ’s for Cancelled Travel

Coronavirus Restrictions


Scenario One:  Travel paid on a One Card that was cancelled due to Coronavirus

If the travel was refunded to your One Card, submit a report reconciling both the original charge and the credit. If you received a voucher in your name, the travel voucher may only be used for future Mines-related travel.  Traveler must fill out an acknowledgement for the cancelled trip stating that the voucher will only be used for University travel.

Scenario Two:  Travel was paid with a personal card & was cancelled due to Coronavirus

Mines will cover any change fees & nonrefundable travel related costs such as registration fees, lodging, rental car, etc. . . .  Mines will not reimburse for the airfare charge until any related credit received is used for future University travel.  Again, traveler must fill out an acknowledgement for cancelled trip stating that they will only use the voucher for Mines business purposes.

Scenario Three:  International travel paid on a personal credit card without a pre-approval

Mines will not cover any expenses related to the trip unless a pre-approval was approved & the travel falls under scenario two, above.

Other Scenarios: 

Decisions will be made on a case-by-case basis, depending upon whether a required pre-approval was in place, travel was refunded, or a credit was received, etc.

Q:  Will my department’s budget be impacted by the cancellations?

A:  Any planned travel costs that were anticipated will remain as part of the department’s budget. The institution will cover any additional fees related to the cancellation, such as change fees, and your budget will not be impacted.

Q:  How will travel expenses incurred on a Federal grant work:

A:  All travel expenses on a Federal grant, where the travel will not occur, must be moved off of the grant.  These expenses can move to a departmental fund, PD fund, RD fund, or gift fund. Any questions about specific grant funding should be directed to your department’s Grant Manager.

Q:  I am graduating this semester and my travel was paid by Mines, but the credit is in my name, can I use this for personal travel?

A:  If you will be graduating in May, and do not anticipate any future Mines-sponsored travel, you have two options if you want to retain the credit/voucher.  You can reimburse the school for the cost and retain the flight credit for personal use. The second option is to not repay the school and still keep the credit for personal use with the understanding that the flight cost and other related fees paid by Mines will be reported as taxable income. These funds will be reported on your W-2 and/or 1099, and if you are a student, it will be reported to Financial Aid.

Q:  Where can I get more information?

A:  Check for the most up-to-date information regarding travel restrictions, closures, etc.  Check out for further information, to submit a Help Ticket for MAPS, or find our contact information.



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