Request Adjustment to One Card

What is it?

Some Cardholders have extenuating circumstances that require an adjustment to the standard One Card limits. Cardholders can request either general adjustments or an event exception.

General adjustments are a change in a One Card's credit limit, a One Card's single purchase limit, a change in department, or a change of direct supervisors.

Please refer to the One Card Handbook for more information. 

Who can use it?

One Card Holders

Where to get it? / How to use it?

The applicant can submit a One Card Adjustment Form with two methods:

  • Select the "Request One Card Adjustment" service button, and complete the online form.
  • Download and complete the One Card Adjustment Form
    These forms include digital signature fields that can allow completion via Adobe Acrobat. 
    After completing this form with both your direct supervisor's and Controller's Office signature, select the "Request One Card Adjustment" service button and attach the form. 

Please note, attaching a completed One Card Adjustment Form with your direct supervisor's signature decreases the processing time for your One Card Adjustment request. 

One Card Handbook

Request One Card Adjustment


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