Pay an Invoice

What is it?

Invoices originate from the vendor for rendered services or products.  Submit invoices that are ready to be paid by Accounts Payable.

Who can use it?

Mines Staff, Faculty, Purchase Order Requestors, Financial Approvers, Administrative Professionals

Where to get it? / How to use it?

The online form can be accessed by selecting the "Request Service" button. 

Follow the prompts in the form and attach all necessary information:

  • All necessary approvals
  • Index to be charged
  • Accounting codes
  • PO number(s) on your scanned invoice


Q:  I took my check to the bank and they would not accept it because it was too old or stale dated.  What do I do?

A:  Stale dated means the date on your check is at least 6 months old and the bank cannot accept these checks.  Please contact Accounts Payable to request a replacement check be issued to you.

Q: I have checked my index and I can see that a payment was made, but the vendor has contacted me saying they have never received the check.  What do I do?

A:  Contact Accounts Payable with the vendor name and the invoice(s) in question.  The payment will be verified and an inquiry regarding the status of the check will be made with the bank.  If the check has cleared the bank, a copy of the check (front and back) will be obtained and provided to you for further review with the vendor.  If the check has not cleared the bank, a stop payment will be put on the check and a replacement check will be issued.  Please be prepared to verify current address information for the vendor.

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