Purpose: To notify the administrative offices of upcoming employee separation. Separation notices are to be submitted by the employees supervisor or department HR liaison as soon as a Letter of Resignation or Retirement is received and must be submitted before an employee's last day or as soon as the supervisor learns of the separation.

Area Roles:
• ITS will schedule the departing employees access to end based on their last day of employment
o Additional option: Requests for access to be transferred to the supervisor or for employees moving to a non-remunerated role after the employees end date should be submitted under https://helpcenter.mines.edu/TDClient/1946/Port...
• MAPS will ensure OneCards are deactivated, Chrome River accounts are reconciled, payroll calendars are submitted, and address information is correct for any tax statements or final paychecks
• HR will schedule an exit interview

Services (1)

Separation Notice

The Separation Notice provides necessary information to formally separate an employee from Mines.