For Mines faculty, staff, and Mines employed graduate students with access to Chrome River to submit travel per-approvals and to request reimbursements.

Services (9)

Travel and Reimbursement - FAQs | Ask a Question

Ask MAPS a Travel and Reimbursement related question, or review frequently asked Travel and Expense questions.

Create a Travel Expense Report for me

Request a Travel Expense Report be created for you or someone else who has Chrome River access.

Create a Travel Pre-Approval (Authorization)

A report requesting pre-approval for a future trip.

Reconcile One Card Charges for me in Chrome River

These reports are considered “Voucher/Procurement” in Chrome River and are used to document department expenditures paid for on a One Card.

Request a Non-Travel Reimbursement

Report used to document non-travel related out of pocket expenses for which you are requesting reimbursement.

Request for Chrome River Access

Request this service for employees or graduate students who need to be activated or added to the Chrome River Software system.

Request Frosch Activation

Frosch is the Sanctioned Travel Agency for Mines

Request to make Changes to Employees in Chrome River

Changes in Chrome River can be made to update delegates, approval delegates, "reports to," and/or have charges re-assigned when necessary.

Request for Chrome River / One Card Data

Request this service if you require an allocation table, list of outstanding items for an individual or department, or copies of processed Chrome River reports.