Service for New Mines Community Members that establishes Mines Multipass Account, which includes the username and password to log into most Mines systems. Use this service to report problems running account claim, to ask for your "account claim window" to be extended, or to ask about alternate usernames than are presented during account claim.
A short description to explain the nature of a ticket.
Role for person having problems running account claim.
8 Digit Campus Wide ID (ex. 10012345).
Students/Applicants should have received their CWID via the application portal with their acceptance letter. Faculty/Employees should have received their CWID from Academic Affairs in their welcome packet or via PageUp.
So that we can find your record, please provide your full name as it appears your school record.
Please enter an active non-MInes email address so that we can contact you.
Please include details of your account claim issue -- what you tried and what happens. Include any error messages you received.

If you are submitting this issue on behalf of someone else, so that we can contact them directly please make sure to include a working, non-Mines email address for the person who is having the account claim problems in this submission.

If you were recently accepted as a student or recently submitted your intent to enroll, please let us know when.
Press Alt + 0 within the editor to access accessibility instructions, or press Alt + F10 to access the menu.
File attachments associated with the ticket.

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