Having problems logging into a Mines computing service? (Trailhead, Email, Canvas, etc.)

NOTE: Trailhead access typically is not disabled (with email, ADIT, Canvas, etc.) after you leave Mines. Try logging in with your last known MultiPass password. If you are still having problems logging into Trailhead, use this service to report your problem.

If you are a returning user and need your Mines computing access re-enabled, please submit a "Returning User Request".

If you cannot recall your Mines username, please submit a "Forgot Username Request".
For which service(s) are you having login problems?
If you are unable to login to "multiple services" or "other", include details in the description.

If you are unable to login to any service but you are not able to get past DUO/MFA authentication, please select DUO from the dropdown.

NOTE: Trailhead access is typically not disabled after you leave Mines. If you know your MultiPass password from before, try logging in.
Your Mines login/username is used for logging into most Mines computing services and if your account has email access, it's the part of your email address that is *before* @mines.edu (or before @mymail.mines.edu).
Provide an alternate email address that we can use while your Mines email is unavailable. If you are submitting this on behalf of someone else, please provide their alternate/non-Mines email address.
Include details of your login problem. If you are able to login to some Mines services, tell us about these too. If you are not able to login on a particular device, computer, or in a classroom lab, indicate the device, computer, and/or classroom lab.

Please include any error messages.

If you are submitting this request on behalf of someone else, so that we may work more directly with them, please provide a non-Mines email address for the person who is having login problems.

If you do not yet have a Mines username, please let me know your role at Mines (e.g., undergrad or grad applicant/accepted student; incoming undergrad, grad or employee; alumni; former student or employee).
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