Create Purchase Request

Any member or advisor of an organization may submit a purchase request to the SAIL office. The SAIL office will work on getting treasurer approval on the purchase order. 

Please note, that is the purchase order is not submitted by the organization’s treasurer, delays in the approval process may occur until the treasurer confirms the purchase order 

IMPORTANT: only approved and treasurer trained students will be allowed to check out the credit card. Please write the name, email and phone number of the student picking up the credit card 

IMPORTANT: If you do not need a SAIL credit card, please let us know who’s card will you be using for this purchase (it has to be a Mines’ credit card, no personal cards allowed) 

IMPORTANT: all purchase requests must be submitted at lest 3 days in advance. Availability of cards is not guaranteed, but additional provisions will be attempted to facilitate your purchase, if cards are not available 

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