Virtual Private Network (VPN) Information

Service Description

Mines provides a Virtual Private Network (VPN) that facilitates access to campus resources for community members who and not physically connected to the campus network. The school’s VPN uses encryption to create a connection between a remote device and the campus network allowing the remote user access to services not normally available to those who are off campus.

There are three components in a Global Protect system: the client (a program running on your computer), the server (a system on campus), and the virtual connection (a.k.a. the tunnel). The client intercepts network traffic before it leaves your computer, encrypts it, and sends it to the server on campus. The server decrypts the traffic, replaces the source IP with a campus IP and sends it to the destination.


Students, Faculty, Staff

Service Levels

Availability of the Mines VPN can be expected 24/7 under normal circumstances. In the case of an unexpected interruption, please check for posted Outages on the ITS main homepage or otherwise report a VPN Issue.


Mines uses a system from Palo Alto Networks called Global Protect for VPN services. A downloadable client is required to establish a connection.

Service Charges

No charge for this service.

Requesting the Service

For most Mines community members, this service is available without the need of a ticket. Users who would like to use the service can find details and instructions for their operating system by selecting the "Get Started" button located on this page. 

Need help? Support can be requested by visiting the Mines Service Center (MSC) or calling x2345 / 303-384-2345 during MSC hours of operation. In this case, a Student Consultant will take your information.


Self-service information can be found starting at the ITS homepage located at or in our Mines Help Center Knowledge Base 

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