Custom Role (Affiliate) Account/Access Request

Service Description

People who are neither students or Mines employees and who require access to Mines institutional resources may be granted an Affiliate user account. The Custom Role form initiates the process to provide affiliates with the services they need by enabling entry into our administrative data system and assignment of a Campus-Wide Identification Number or “CWID.” A CWID is necessary to obtain many services on campus, including a BlasterCard. (This form will NOT provide those services by itself.)


Faculty, Staff

Service Levels

This process requires coordination between ITS, HR and the requesting department. Turnaround time could be a week or more.


The affiliate must be sponsored by Mines employee and authorized by a Mines Department/Division Head or Dean.

Service Charges

Free to users. 

Requesting the Service

  1. Download a copy of the Custom Role Authorization form.
    1. Part 1 should be completed and signed by the Applicant/Affilate (the person for whom you are requesting access be granted). The Applicant/Affilate should also provide to you a legible scanned copy of government-issued picture ID for the Applicant/Affiliate. (A picture using a phone is acceptable as long as it is legible.)
    2. Part 2 should be completed and signed by the Mines Employee Sponsor.
    3. Part 3 should be signed/authorized by the appropriate Mines Department/Division Head or Dean.
  2. Select the Request Custom Role link on this page.
  3. Fill in the requested information.
  4. Attach the completed form (from step 1) and the government-issued ID (from step 1.1).
  5. Submit your request.


Other options for guest access are described here.

Request Custom Role


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