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Mines uses various authentication systems for logging into different Mines services. Report difficulties logging into one or more of our services including but not limited to Mines Help Center, Trailhead, and Canvas.

NOTE: If you are having problems logging in and can't get past DUO/MFA authentication, please select DUO are your login problem type.

NOTE for Former Mines Community Members: Trailhead access typically is not disabled (with email, ADIT, Canvas, etc.) after you leave Mines. Try logging in with your last known MultiPass password. If you are still having problems logging into Trailhead, call or visit the Mines Service Center (MSC: 303-384-2345, CTLM 156A) and ask for a Trailhead-only password reset. Additionally, if you have Mines alumni email access, your password for Trailhead might not be the same as what you use for email.


Students, Faculty, Staff, Authorized Affiliated Users

Service Charges

Free to users. 

Requesting the Service

Submit your issue here. If your Mines email account is unavailable, be sure to provide an alternate email address.

Related Services

If you are having problems with running Account Claim, please submit a MultiPass Account Claim Issue.

If you are a former student or employee and are returning to Mines, please submit a Returning User Request.

If you no longer know your Mines username, please submit a Forgot Username Request.


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Use your Mines username (not your email address) for logging into Canvas and other similar Mines login services.
MultiPass is the single master account for most major computer systems at Mines. Depending on your campus roles and affiliations, it may provide access to several services.
Your Mines username is a unique identifier that will be used throughout your stay at Mines to log into your various campus computer accounts, and as part of your campus email address (e.g., username@mines.edu). It's hard to change.
Mines reserves the right to terminate email and other accounts (among them MultiPass) as soon as any student or employee separates from the institution. In theory, that could be the same day the individual officially leaves Mines, so plan accordingly.


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