HPC Consultation Request

Service Description

Request for a technical consultation for HPC workflow. A technical consultation can range over a variety of topics: advanced HPC job workflows, parallel computing, or code optimization. Additionally, use this service to request troubleshooting and support for issues not specified elsewhere in this category.


Researchers, PIs, Students, Faculty, Staff

Service Levels

Service is extended to HPC resources that are owned, sanctioned or supported by Colorado School of Mines. One consequence of this policy is that we cannot allocate our time and energy to individual compute stations. We are, however, devoted to deriving creative options to help users get their research done. CIARC takes a sensible approach to our response policy; FIFO is our standard philosophy, with the freedom to re-order invoked when a situation dictates. We take pride in our computational skills and our commitment to customer service awareness, and dedicate ourselves to providing thorough yet efficient support.


HPC knowledge covered in the New User Guide are required to request help in this category

Service Charges

There is no charge for this service.

Requesting the Service

Click on the red rectangle that says 'Request Consultation' in the upper right hand corner of this page. Fill out the ensuing form completely, describing the instance, and including any error messages verbatim. Submit the ticket.


HPC hosts an extensive website which offers self-service information on a variety of topics.

Request Consultation


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