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New students, faculty, and staff at Mines, as well as some outside parties such as consultants and collaborators, require login accounts for numerous Mines computer systems. Since March 2015, many separate systems have been brought under one set of credentials, called “MultiPass.” These credentials give access to Windows and Linux lab computers, Trailhead (the campus portal), MyMail (student email services), Outlook Email (faculty and staff email services), among other systems.

NOTE: Choose your username (login name) carefully. You will use your username to login into most Mines computing systems and it will be part of your email address as in

You may use this service to report problems running account claim, to ask for your "account claim window" to be extended, or to ask about alternate usernames than those that are presented during account claim.

If you already have a Mines username and are having problems resetting your password, please see the Reset Password Issue service.


New Mines Community Members (Students, Faculty, Staff)

Service Levels

Access to most or all Mines online services ends when an individual leaves Mines. Policies and procedures are in place to terminate these services as appropriate for students, faculty, or staff. While some of these terminations may take weeks in certain cases, Mines reserves the right to terminate all such services immediately and individuals should plan for this possibility. Note: Employees who are terminated in non-standard or atypical fashion will have access removed manually. Managers of such employees should download and submit the Atypical Termination Template to ITS as early as possible to facilitate the termination process.


Some automated account creation systems such as the IDM system are available 24/7. Account-creation support staff are available during regular weekday business hours.

Access to particular accounts depends on an individual’s assigned role(s) within the school’s identity and access management system, also managed by ITS (see Identity and Access Management, below, for more details) and in Banner (see Banner, below). The new identity-management (IDM) system ( allows authorized individuals to claim their MultiPass account, change the MultiPass password, set challenge questions in case of a forgotten password, and more.

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Requesting the Service

Requests for accounts, or issues with current accounts, can be submitted using the button on this page within Mines Help Center.


Self-service information can be found starting at the ITS homepage

MultiPass Account Claim Information can be found here:


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MultiPass is the single master account for most major computer systems at Mines. Depending on your campus roles and affiliations, it may provide access to several services.


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