Okta SSO (Phase 2)



Project is 25% complete, starting on Mon 5/8/23 and ending on Fri 6/28/24.

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25% complete, updated on Wed 9/27/23 9:39 AM by Craig Dougherty

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Mon 5/8/23 - Fri 6/28/24
IT-General / Systems (implementing a new system)
Green - On track
Wed 6/7/23 2:25 PM
Wed 9/27/23 9:39 AM

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Okta SSO
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Okta SSO
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Per CIO and for security reasons, need to move the remaining applications asap.
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Andrew Moore
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John Obrecht's team; Application Services
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Initial apps were moved in March 2023, additional apps to be moved with this effort.


Move the remaining ~700 Mines applications to Okta SSO.