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Craig created the academic_study_frz table and nightly freeze job in ODSD and we populated some test data. Please take a look and let us know if this meets your needs.

I did not add this to Cognos yet because Scott was going to test in Tableau first. Once that testing is complete I will add to Cognos.

I only updated the project to 75% complete because I believe we need to load historical data? If this isn't correct please let me know, otherwise I will need the historical data to load for testing.




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Mon 1/3/22 7:58 AM
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New Project Request

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We have a need to be able to report on all student curriculum records at specific points in time, not only the primary and first secondary records currently captured in CSM Student Registered Frz. The general request includes creating a new table in the ODS to store frozen records representing one curriculum per registered student per term, start freezing this data using the same schedule as CSM Student Registered Frz, and reconstructing normalized historical curriculum records in the new freeze table using the existing CSM Student Registered Frz records.
Provide the background of this request.
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Enrollment of a single student in numerous curricula has become more commonplace particularly because of the expansion of certificate programs which encourage stacking towards masters degrees. The standard reporting views, particularly CSM Student Registered and CSM Student Registered Frz, include flattened data that supply fields for the primary and first secondary curricula of a single student by adding columns. In order to access additional curricula in those views, new sets of fields would need to be added for each additional curriculum level, but that is not a sustainable solution.

The proposed solution is to begin freezing the source curriculum data that feeds into CSM Student Registered. The delivered view Academic Study appears to be a good (if not the) starting point. It is worth noting that Academic Study itself is not usable for the purpose outlined by this project because it reflects the current state of curricula for past terms, which omits students who withdrew over the course of a term. Creating a frozen version of the curriculum records using the same schedule as CSM Student Registered will allow reporting on all curricula consistently at the same points in time.

Finally, in order to allow reporting on historical data from the proposed freeze table, those historical records can be recreated from the data already present in the CSM Student Registered Frz table.
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Until a solution exists to report on more than two curricula, the institution will be unable to have a complete picture of enrollment. This is particularly true with regard to determining faculty productivity and budget considerations that require looking at students involved in a particular program regardless of the curriculum priority. The Registrar disclosed that they are dissuading students from having more than three curricula and asking students who do want to be enrolled in more than three curricula to track those requirements independently, and submit requests for the relevant credential to be awarded at the end of their academic career rather than tracking them upfront. This project would alleviate the Registrar's need to rely on this off-the-books approach.
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Tricia Douthit
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Scott Harper
Rachel Bishop
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Per Jackie this is a BI group project.

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