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Project is 50 % complete, starting on Mon 9/6/21 and ending on Wed 1/1/25.

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With the Customer Confirmation Sessions (CCS) now complete the project team is looking ahead in preparation of End to End testing that will begin 6/20/22.

Reminder: Workday Project Team Celebration on Tuesday, 5/24 at The Eddy at 4:00 to 7:00, food/drinks/fun!

Thanks to the team for sign off on Post-CCS workbooks, Melanie U. signed off on Talent and Janice Lander signed off on Absence and Time Tracking. I know the Benefits team is close to sign off on their workbook and I appreciate the expertise and focus to get all the benefit scenarios outlined.

Thanks to finance team with mapping the account codes for expense, revenue and balance sheet. Also, great work on the expense management team to outline business processes for all scenarios where we are paying out, ex. vendors, student refunds, student expenses. I see the Procurement team is in the system learning and discovering, wonderful.

Reminder to Project Team to continue taking the Workday delivered training, look for e-mails from Ian Hales, Mines Technology Training Manager on required training.

Below are the project stages:
Plan: 9/6/21 to 1/28/22- Complete
Architect: 1/31 to 4/8/22- Complete
Configure & Prototype: 4/11/22 to 6/17/22- Current stage, on Schedule!
E2E Testing: 6/20/22-8/26/22- On Track
Parallel Testing (payroll): 8/29/22-11/4/22- On Track
Deploy: 11/7/22 to 12/15/22- On Track
Post-Production: 12/16/22-2/3/23- On Track

Change Management: OC&T is scheduling time with workstreams the week of Jun 20th to confirm the training curriculum plan. Several areas including ORA, HR, Finance, MAPS, and Procurement are also being asked to provide non-project team members within each area who will perform or need to know about new processes associated with Workday. Mines project team survey results will be shared with project team members on 5/31.

Data Integration Design Sign-off pending for the following integrations:
INT019 VALIC (Mines owned), INT030 CORE Financials Data Outbound (CS owned- dependent on FDM), INT056 Cashnet Receivables Inbound (CS owned)
INT057 Cashnet FDM Outbound (CS owned), INT061 Parlance Speech Directory Outbound (Mines owned), INT067 Onbase Autofill RaaS (Mines owned)

Data Integration Build and Unit Testing: There are 16 out of the 45 Collaborative solution owned integrations that have Build and Unit Testing complete and ready for E2E. The 14 Mines owned integrations need to complete Build and Unit Testing, staggered target completion dates have been proposed to allow team to complete 3 to 4 each week between 5/20 and 6/10.

Data Conversion:
All workbooks with a May due date have been delivered except Academic Appointments and History and External Student. Amazing work, thanks to all for this difficult task of bridging Banner data to Workday.

Academic Appointments and History workbook outstanding: Per Angie, there are problems with the appointment and rank data in Banner that is preventing us from being able to pull a complete data set. Eric Peng has produced a list of problematic records to review.

PRISM: The General Ledger project will be the PRISM use case. This was selected as all financial reporting uses the transaction detail of the general ledger from auditing, reporting and AFBR is a subset of the general ledger. There would be 10 years of data moved into Workday Reporting through Prism. Next steps…..Extraction of the files from legacy.

Reporting: Thanks to the reporting team for reviewing the 477 reports. The team has identified 96 custom reports that will need to be created by Mines, 115 no longer needed, 29 that can use a Workday standard report and 237 unknowns. Team is working on reviewing the unknowns to see how many custom reports are needed. Mines will need to create scoping forms by 6/20.



Mon 9/6/21 - Wed 1/1/25
VP Administration and Operations
IT-General / Systems (implementing a new system)
Green - On track
Thu 7/29/21 5:40 AM
Thu 5/19/22 4:17 PM

New Project Request

How can we help you?
Please provide details regarding your request? Do you have a solution defined or do you need support identifying a solution?
ITS SP Goal: Workday ERP Modernization
Provide the background of this request.
What events or discussions preceded this request? Have there been previous efforts related to this request? Are you working with a vendor already? What are the benefits of this initiative?
Mines conducted an ERP change readiness and feasibility assessment led by our consultant, BerryDunn in 2019 with different stakeholders across our campus community and based on the results of that feasibility study BerryDunn recommended that Mines should look to replace its existing ERP system with a comprehensive, intuitive, agile, and cost-effective system or re-implement Banner. They also suggested that with a new implementation, Mines will have the opportunity to reduce third-party solutions, reduce duplication of staff effort, and configure robust integrations BerryDunn found that inefficient business processes cause departments to rely on manual processes, unnecessary steps, and over-reliance on third-party systems. BerryDunn also concluded that the opportunities to streamline business processes will provide Mines a solid foundation and standardized practices with a new modern ERP system.
What is the desired completion date?
Please note that projects will be completed based on resource availability and prioritization.
What are the factors driving the desired completion date?
Are there campus activities, legal requirements, dependent efforts or goals that are driving a date?
The Colorado School of Mines submitted a request to the State IT Capital Budget Committee for re-envisioning of our Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Student Information System (SIS) for consideration in the FY21-FY25 budget. Our project was approved for funding in the FY22 state capital budget. Our FY23 funding request has been submitted for the 2nd phase of the project, with the FY24 and FY25 budget requests to follow during each fiscal year's budget cycle.
Provide the executive leader(s) who will champion this initiative?
These individuals support the success of this effort, such as removing obstacles, sending strategic communication and promoting necessary policy changes.
Kirsten Volpi, Christine Homer, Noelle Sanchez, John Obrecht
What team members have been identified to help drive this initiative?
Please note that involvement of department team members is critical to the success of this inititive.
This is an institutional project and involves team members from ITS, Controller's Office, Human Resources, Payroll, MAPS, Office of Research and Administration, and Privacy and Compliance.
Any additional information about this request that you would like to include?
Who does this project help? What happens if this project is not completed?
The benefits are highlighted below:

1) Workday will provide all our stakeholders with a dramatically improved technology experience. Most importantly it will improve our ability to deliver modern and efficient transactional services to our students. The built-in “Academic Progress” function is a game-changer!
Workday’s user interface and forms are much more user friendly, mobile responsive, modern, refreshing, so much simpler than previous experience, are just some of the benefits that our students, staff, and faculty will experience with the implementation of Workday.
2) Workday will allow us to address the changing information technology landscape, enhance the student experience, and streamline university business processes.
3) Workday will help reduce the care and feeding of the typical ERP environment normally handled by Mines IT Staff and move it over to Workday freeing up staff to focus on more high-value, high-touch services to our students, faculty, and staff. The reduction in time and energy to support servers, applications and databases will also allow Mines to focus on security, business process redesign and empowering users through self-service.
4) Workday will provide Mines with an opportunity to re-evaluate how data is managed and used. This will enable the University to establish a modern and scalable data model that will help us leverage our data in new ways.
5) Workday will help reduce the number of third-party systems, saving on operating and maintenance costs.


This project will deploy the Workday application, a cloud-based application that will service Human Resources, Finance , and Student Information. The Workday project will be completed in two phases, the first phase is Human Resources, Finance and, the second phase is Student Information. Workday will modernize our current Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system and will replace Banner.

Systems Affected

  1. Banner

  2. ChromeRiver

  3. CRS



Stakeholders (35)

Amanda Mojica
ITS Chief of Staff
Responsible, Accountable, Informed
ITS: Chief of Staff
Wed 11/10/21 2:22 PM
Andrew Moore
Consulted, Informed
Fri 5/13/22 10:54 AM
Angie Reyes
Assoc Dir Workday ERP Tech Ops
Responsible, Accountable, Consulted
ES Director
Mon 9/20/21 3:46 PM
Chris Stoppel
Dir Budget/Fin Planning
Responsible, Accountable, Consulted
Mon 9/20/21 3:44 PM
Christine Homer
Chief HR Officer
Responsible, Accountable, Consulted, Informed
HR Project Sponsor
Fri 1/21/22 1:58 PM
Corey OConnor
Research Analyst
Responsible, Accountable
Fri 5/13/22 11:37 AM
Danielle Davis
Procurement Mgr
Responsible, Accountable
Controller: Procurement Lead
Wed 11/10/21 1:22 PM
Debra Lira
HR/Payroll Oper Supervisor
Responsible, Accountable
Controller: Payroll & Absence Management
Wed 11/10/21 1:26 PM
Diana Combs
HR Data Manager
Accountable, Consulted
ITS: HR Data Manager
Wed 11/10/21 2:15 PM
Diane Kitson
Business Requirements Analyst
Responsible, Accountable, Consulted
ITS: Business Analyst
Wed 11/10/21 2:19 PM
Dominick Gonzalez Rodriguez
Dir Project/Change Management
Consulted, Informed
PCMO Director
Mon 2/14/22 2:51 PM
Emilie McConnell
Dir Communications
Partners for Workday Communication
Fri 5/13/22 11:37 AM
Emily Miles
SQL Server DBA
Responsible, Informed
Building data integrations.
Tue 2/22/22 5:23 PM
Gary Bowersock
Interim CIO
Consulted, Informed
Interim CIO
Mon 3/21/22 10:37 AM
Jackie Twehues
Business Intelligence Manager
Responsible, Accountable
Fri 1/21/22 8:36 AM
Janice Lander
Responsible, Accountable, Consulted
Mon 9/20/21 3:45 PM
Jennie Kenney
Dir AA Operations
Responsible, Accountable
Lead: Academic Processes
Wed 11/10/21 12:56 PM
Jennifer Phou
Responsible, Accountable
Controller: Bursar
Wed 11/10/21 1:27 PM
Johanna Eagan
Dir Research Admin
Responsible, Accountable
ORA: Co-Lead Finance
Wed 11/10/21 1:20 PM
John Craighead
Fin Data Specialist
Responsible, Consulted
Expense Management Workstream
Fri 5/13/22 11:38 AM
John Obrecht
Sr Dir Enterprise Sys/Applicat
Responsible, Accountable, Consulted, Informed
Sr. Director of Enterprise Applications, leadership over integration, conversion and reporting activities.
Fri 1/21/22 9:47 AM
Kathy Burris
Project Admin Mgr
Responsible, Accountable
ODC: Lead for Projects
Wed 11/10/21 12:59 PM
Kirsten Volpi
Executive VP A&O/CFO/Treasurer
Accountable, Consulted, Informed
Project Sponsor
Fri 1/21/22 1:58 PM
Melanie Ulrich
Dir Human Resources
Responsible, Accountable, Consulted
Mon 9/20/21 3:45 PM
Mike Bowker
Dir Office Design/Construction
Responsible, Accountable
ODC: Lead Facilities Procurement
Wed 11/10/21 12:59 PM
Mimi Winter
Staff Accountant
Assets Functional Lead
Fri 5/13/22 11:07 AM
Noelle Sanchez
Responsible, Accountable, Consulted, Informed
Controller Project Sponsor
Fri 1/21/22 1:58 PM
Rakhi Ihiga
Asst Dir Learning/Development
Learner Workstream Functional Lead
Fri 5/13/22 11:36 AM
Rose Segawa
Asst Dir Post Award
Responsible, Accountable
Fri 5/13/22 11:37 AM
Ryan McGuirk
Dir Procurement/Contracting
Responsible, Accountable
Controller: Co-Lead Customer Accounts
Wed 11/10/21 1:27 PM
Sally Byers
Sr Benefits Analyst
Benefits Functional lead
Fri 5/13/22 11:08 AM
Susan Borup
Assoc Controller
Responsible, Accountable
Controller: Assistant Controller
Wed 11/10/21 1:21 PM
Tricia Douthit
Tricia Douthit
Chief Data Officer
Responsible, Accountable, Consulted
Data Officer
Mon 9/20/21 3:47 PM
Vanessa Rael
Proj Mgr
Responsible, Accountable
OC&T Project Manager
Fri 3/4/22 3:02 PM
Zack Scholnick
Dir Finance/HR Systems
Responsible, Accountable, Consulted
ITS: Business Systems Functional Lead
Wed 11/10/21 2:22 PM