How do I export MyMail email to another account?

Most Mines students receive their email through what is called a "MyMail" account. When a student leaves Mines, his or her MyMail account will very quickly go away. So, to retain MyMail email it must be exported to another email program or account before graduation -- preferably a month or more before, for safety. To do so, one might set up an email client like Thunderbird, Outlook, or Mac Mail to POP email from the MyMail account to a local computer.

However, since MyMail is in fact a version of Google's Gmail, perhaps the best way to deal with MyMail is to transfer all saved email to a personal Gmail account yourself. In this way, your email will continue to function in a way which which you are familar. The easiest way to transfer email to a new Gmail account is to enable POP email on the MyMail account and then POP (move) all emails to a private Gmail account. If you do not have a private Gmail account, one may be obtained for free at
Here's how to move your Mines MyMail email to a new (personal) Gmail account:

  • Login to your Mines MyMail account.

  • Click Settings > Forwarding and POP/IMAP.

  • In the Pop Download section, enable POP for all email.

  • Save changes.

  • On the same screen, in the Forwarding section, click Add a Forwarding Address, and insert your personal Gmail email address. This will forward all incoming messages to your personal Gmail account until your MyMail account goes away. (Be sure to notify your friends and relatives about your new email address during that transitional period.)

  • The "Less Secure Apps" setting must be enabled for your MyMail account. Go to and make sure Less Secure Apps is enabled for your mailbox. Make sure to enable this for your MyMail account, not your personal Gmail account. "Access for Less Secure Apps" should be turned ON.

  • Set a POP/IMAP password for your MyMail account. Go to > Manage Your Account > Configure your Gmail IMAP/POP password. Copy down the password and click Submit/OK/Continue. This will be your POP/IMAP password and is different from your MyMail web login password.

To complete the process, you'll need to configure your new personal Gmail account to receive your MyMail email:

  • Login to your personal Gmail account.

  • Click Settings > Accounts > Add a POP3 Mail Account You Own.

  • Fill in the requested information:

  • Your full MyMail email address:

  • Your full username, with server information:

  • Your MyMail password

  • The POP3 server name:

  • Port: 995

  • Always use SSL connection

  • If you choose to label incoming message -- say, with a label like "Imported MyMail" -- that label will replace any existing MyMail labels.

  • Add the account.

  • Check your MyMail account just in case you have been asked to verify this new setup ... and wait.

After a few days all of your MyMail messages should have moved to your personal Gmail account. Since you set up your MyMail account to forward all new email to your personal Gmail account (above), we may now remove the POP profile from your personal Gmail account. (It is now redundant.)

To do so, log into your personal Gmail account, click Settings > Accounts, and remove the POP account you configured a few days previously.


Obviously, this can be a complex procedure. If you'd like help moving your MyMail email to a new Gmail account, or to an email client on your personal computer, drop by the Computer Commons (CT156) for hands-on support, or submit a Mines Help Center ("Helpdesk") support request at


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