How do I change my password?

In the past, computer users at Mines may have had different passwords for various computer accounts. Beginning in 2015, most of those accounts were consolidated under a single set of credentials referred to as the "MultiPass." To reset your Mines MultiPass, visit the Identity Self-Service page at, select either Change Your Password or Forgot Your Password, and follow the prompts. This process will reset what were once separate passwords -- Trailhead, MultiPass, and ADIT -- to a single MultiPass password.

NOTE: For ADIT domain computer users changing their password from home or other off-campus location, the instructions for changing your password are as follows:

  • Windows:
    1. Windows, MacOSChromeOS)
    2. CTRL-ALT-DEL to change your password
    3. Wait approximately 10 minutes, then
    4. Test your access to the important systems that you use. If you are unable to login to specific systems, please submit a Mines Help Center ticket  indicating that you changed your password and are unable to connect to specific systems or by calling (303) 384-2345. NOTE: it takes time for password changes to propagate through the various systems, and due to technical limitations some systems may rarely reject certain passwords.
  • MacOS:
    1. Connect to the Mines VPN
    2. Navigate to to reset your password
    3. Wait 30 minutes (continue working) – NOTE: this step allows your password change to propagate through all systems.
    4. After 30 minutes, log off and reboot your Mac.
    5. At login, enter your new password.
    6. If your new password works, you’re good. Your password has reset successfully.
    7. If your new password doesn’t work, login with your old password, connect with VPN using your new password, and return to step 3. If this doesn’t work after two times, please submit a Mines Help Center ticket  indicating that you changed your password and are unable to connect to specific systems or by calling (303) 384-2345.


In some circumstances, after changing your password you may find yourself unable to log into various online services that you could previously access. Most commonly, this is because the your computer and/or phone are still configured to automatically request email, printer access, and other services with the old password. After a certain number of failed login attempts with the old password, the user is automatically locked out of the system for a period up to an hour (this is a security measure).

The best way to avoid this scenario is to:

Remember that services like remote printers, connections to shared directories, and calendar configurations may require a password reset as well. (For printers, one can uninstall then reinstall the printer and add new credentials afterward.)

  1. Turn off all but one of your networked devices including phones, tablets, laptops, and desktops. (If your devices supports it, you can turn on "airplane" mode instead of turning your device off.)

  2. Change your Mines MultiPass as described above and update it on that device.

  3. Re-enable devices one at a time, immediately changing the passwords stored on them to match the new password.


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