Account Claim - Blank Web Pages


Cached web browser content, pop-up blockers, script blockers, and firewall settings can all affect your ability to successfully run account claim. Here are some hints that may help.

  1. After you get a blank page, try refreshing your web browser window using CTRL+R. (You might need to do this multiple times during account claim.)
  2. Clear your web browser cache, close your web browser program, then start with a fresh web browser window at
  3. Try from a different web browser (e.g. Edge, IE, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Vavaldi, etc.).
  4. Try temporarily disabling pop-up or script blockers. (Or add an "allow" rule for
  5. Try from a different computer or internet connection.


If you are still unable to complete account claim, please submit a MultiPass Account Claim Issue. (If needed we can arrange a phone call and try to manually run account claim for you. We will need a phone number and general times that you can be reached. If you are able to get to the username selection part, please let us know which username you would like.)





Article ID: 126947
Mon 2/1/21 12:30 PM
Mon 2/1/21 12:32 PM

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Service for New Mines Community Members that establishes Mines Multipass Account, which includes the username and password to log into most Mines systems. Use this service to report problems running account claim, to ask for your "account claim window" to be extended, or to ask about alternate usernames than are presented during account claim.