Remote Access Instructions: ChromeOS VPN

Note: This article is set to be archived in 30 days, it has been replaced with the following: VPNs and GlobalProtect | Learn More, the information below may be outdated.

What is OpenVPN Connect?

OpenVPN Connect allows Mines' students, who are using ChromeOS (or a Chromebook), access as if they were physically in a computer lab. This allows for access to file servers, computers, databases, internal webpages, and other services not found outside the Mines network.

What should I know?

The system only encrypts traffic to/from Mines.

If you are on a website or service that is not directly connected to Mines, it will not be encrypted.

1. Installation Instructions

Where to install OpenVPN Connect

Navigate to the Google Play Store. 

Open the Settings Menu  →  Select "Google Play Store"

Within the Google Play Store, search for and install "OpenVPN Connect"

If you intend to use Labby or connect to a work station located at Mines, you will also need to download Microsoft Remote Desktop.

Within the Google Play Store, search for and install "Microsoft Remote Desktop"

2. Configuring OpenVPN

Open the installed "OpenVPN Connect" app.

Within the Import Profile display, enter into the URL field.  →  Select "Next"

The next screen displays the Import Profile entry screen.

  • Enter your Mines Username and Password.  This is the same used to log into email. 
  • Within the "Profile Name" field, enter your Mines user name followed by ""
  • Select "Import"

3. Connecting to the VPN

On the Profiles display, you will now see the VPN connection you've added.

  • Select the toggle switch to establish the connection.

When prompted, enter your Mines password.

The Profiles display will indicate that you are connected to the Mines network.

To disconnect from the Mines network, select the same toggle switch. 

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